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What is school for?

Auckland Art Gallery

March 9, 2023

Education is often in the headlines, but it’s not often we stop and ask the fundamental question: What is school for? Participants engaged in a range of questions, including: What’s the purpose of school? What do we hope it will do for students and for society? Who is struggling in our schools, and why? How have educational outcomes changed over the years? Do we need to allow for more diverse approaches to schooling? How can we create a culture where everyone values education and has an opportunity to succeed at school?

I accepted the invitation to be a discussant at the Inkling out of a combination of curiosity and a habit of doing things that can sometimes appear scary or intimidating. The reality is that the experience was neither scary or intimidating, and more enlightening and empowering. The event was nothing short of extremely professional and a pleasure to be a part of. As a discussant I found the programme comfortable and the audience engaging and genuinely interested (and interesting). A fine evening out!

Vaughan Couillault Principal, Papatoetoe High School.