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Democracy, pluralism, and social cohesion

Wellington Club

July 21, 2023

How we govern ourselves is at the heart of our society. But as we become more divided and polarised it becomes harder to discuss this well, whether in parliament, the media, or our homes. The leaked release of He Puapua in 2021 sparked a national conversation on “co-governance”. Has Aotearoa New Zealand “reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake the transformation necessary to restructure governance to realise rangatiratanga Māori” as He Puapua suggests? Or does this represent, as others have said, “the most acute constitutional challenge since the Land Wars of the 1860s”? Making matters more complicated, the debates around co-governance are nested within broader questions of social cohesion and pluralism in an increasingly diverse society.

"The Inkling's conversation provided a rare opportunity for the exchange of ideas from a variety of different perspectives and interests, conversations unfortunately too rarely happening elsewhere."

Professor Michael Belgrave