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What are the challenges and opportunities of New Zealand’s changing age structure?

Auckland Art Gallery

July 15, 2022

A nation’s demography helps shape its future, but New Zealand’s changing age structure is not often discussed or well understood. Expertly moderated by award-winning journalist, Jehan Casinader, participants engaged with a wide range of questions such as: With relatively fewer people working and producing goods and services, how will this affect the distribution of the economic products and opportunities that are created? Māori and Pacific peoples have a younger age profile than other populations. What opportunities and challenges does this uneven distribution present? How will our changing age structure affect the relationship between generations, and what does one generation owe to the next?

"The inaugural event of the Inkling dinners that was held in Auckland recently was very worthwhile from a participant’s perceptive. It was a unique opportunity to practice deep listening skills, hearing a wide range of views and engaging in debate in a secure, private confidential environment. Such endeavours provide an opportunity to encourage the cooperative bi partisan approach that we require as a country to tackle the existential issues we face in the 21st century."

Susan St John. Director Retirement Policy and Research Centre.